The R/I series offers custom quality features at an entry level price range including a unique hook keeper design that helps minimize rod rash, a split grip build for maximum sensitivity, a minimal number of guides that reduce line friction on the blank for longer casting and create a perfectly balanced rod for a number of different applications through each rod.  Matching these rods with the right reel and line weight will keep these rods in heavy rotation and at the front of your collection.

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The R/II series offers a light weight rod with plenty of backbone and our lively ‘Ritual Rebound,’ that makes every hook set unforgettable and keeps you at an advantage against big fish in bad waters. Our unique hook keeper design aids in preserving your blank from bait rash and will never interfere with your cast. The comfort and design of our EVA treated reel hood eliminates wear and fatigue on your hands. Matched tackle is paramount and when paired with the highest quality reels and line, the R/II series excel as a work ready set of tools for your advanced angling techniques.